Burial or Cremation

Choice of Burial or Cremation

There are many options for burials or cremations.

What type of coffin/casket?

There is a huge range available from traditional solid wood to eco friendly types.

Choosing one method over another may depend on your culture and or religion, where you live, budget, environmental concerns and the laws of your state or country.


Burial involves the purchase of a gravesite or crypt, the right of interment, opening/closing fees and gravesite maintenance.

Costs of burials vary depending upon the cemetery.


The difference between a coffin and a casket is in the design, costs can vary according materials and design.

Coffins are tapered at the head and foot and are wider at the shoulders, the lid is not hinged.

Caskets are rectangular in shape with a hinged lid and are usually constructed of better quality timbers and feature higher standards of workmanship.

• You will need to consider what clothes your loved one will be wearing.

• You may wish to place some personal items in the coffin or on the coffin during the service- it may be a letter, blanket, photos, a favourite toy or figure, etc.

Traditional Coffins and Caskets are what most people will be familiar with. They are made from a variety of woods and different finishes, interiors and styles:

• TIMBER VENEER - chipboard and particleboards are a affordable options.


• SOLID WOOD, Red Cedar, mahogany, etc.

Contemporary Coffins can reflect the personality of your loved one and the unique life they have lived. Colourful and photographic image covered coffins are available to reflect your loved ones personality, interests and joys.

Eco Friendly Coffins and caskets alternative to the traditional timber and metal coffins. There is an increasing demand for biodegradable coffins produced from sustainable natural resources, but also a growing desire within the community to embrace lifestyle changes that protect our environment. Eco Coffins:

• HAND WOVEN CASKETS, made from Willow and sea grass.

• CARDBOARD COFFINS, these can be made from 100% biodegradable recycled cardboard and have all the normal requirements of a quality traditional coffin.

• BAMBOO, PANDANAS, WOLLEN AND RATTAN COFFINS, etc, there are many options available.






Cremation is the process of reducing the body to ash. A funeral ceremony can also be held.

Cremated remains may be buried or interred in memorial sites or cemeteries, or they may be legally retained by relatives in an urn to have a private memorial in your home.

Ashes can also be dispersed in a variety of ways. You may need to check for permission from the local council to scatter ashes in public places.

After cremation, your loved one’s ashes need not stay in a final resting place such as an urn. Take the ashes on a journey, be it an intimate final send-off or one that is literally out of this world. Ashes can also be turned into works of art, a living memorial, jewellery, a tattoo, or even a cuddly bear.

A FAVOURITE PLACE - scatter the ashes somewhere meaningful like your loved ones favourite holiday spot or a favourite teams home ground, etc. Scattering tubes are available and simple to use.

GO WITH THE FLOW - your loved one may have enjoyed fishing, water sports or simply being close to the water. Choose a favourite river, lake or ocean, get on a boat and sprinkle some freshly picked flowers at the same time (scattering tubes are available).

REST IN REEF is a memorial program by Reef Ball Australia, that enables you to purchase a unique and eco-friendly memorial that rests on the seabed generating life for centuries. A unique choice that replaces cremation urns and ash scatterings with a permanent environmental living legacy.


GONE WITH THE WIND - Release your loved one’s ashes in the stratosphere. It will travel around the world for months with the winds before coming back to earth as the core in snowflakes or raindrops. It’s an epic journey to end all journeys.


A LIVING MEMORIAL - loved one’s ashes could go into a memorial tree urn, which contains a unique mix that will nourish a tree sapling. This tree will grow to become a beautiful living tribute.



INTO OUTER SPACE - have your loved one’s ashes launched into space! Perfect for someone with a childhood dream of space travel.



A DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS - Ashes can also be put into fireworks and light up the sky, an amazing way to celebrate a life well lived.




DIAMONDS, GLASS AND WORKS OF ART - these methods are creative ways a loved one can be immortalised forever. Ashes can be converted into man-made diamonds, added into glass sculpture weights, mixed into paints for a portrait or even put into tattoo ink for a memorial body art.








BEREAVEMENT BEARS & URNS - Bereavement Bears are so soft and comforting when you need it most. Each bear is beautifully embroidered with your loved ones name or message on a cloth patch and attached to the bears tummy. The Bear also comes with a heart shaped keepsake tin which can hold either a portion of your loved ones cremated ashes, or personal treasures you hold dear. The heart keepsake tin then is safely placed in a satin lined zip pocket and becomes the heart of the bear.



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