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To provide support, information and counseling for families and friends affected by the murder of a loved one.


To educate the general community and professional bodies about the needs of people affected by homicide and to increase effective communication between all parties that come into contact with families of homicide victims, thus promoting understanding.


To promote the interests and rights of families of homicide victims, lobbying for legislative change wherever inequities or loopholes exist.


Ebony House Renovations

Ebony House has been targeted in a recent massive police operation over the past few weeks. The tranquil setting of this retreat style house, continually used for families under stress or attending their Court cases was recently disturbed to allow Sgt Bill Green and his dedicated assistants to launch a major renovating attack with outstanding results.

The covert operation is still ongoing and will not be on public display until the Christmas Party on 2 December 2012 and hence all the details will be suppressed in the interests of a massive surprise.

To Martha, the committee and of course the HVSG counsellors and staff who all know about Laycock’s law i.e. “The need to know, the right to know and the time to know” will understand all will be revealed in due course.

Last weekend some 40 volunteers attended Ebony House, including police officers Glen Smith (Marrickville), Paul Smith (State Crime Command), Rudy Trinajistic (Fairfield), with their wives Joanne and Larissa as well as Glen Gorrick from Sutherland Police. Founding member Peter Simpson also attended in fine form.

Our great supporters from Rural Fire Services from Waterfall, Heathcote and Engadine turned up to assist, together with the lovely Filomena, George and Maria Dimaris, Phillip and Lisa Needham, Tony and Kristy Smith, Darren and Nichol Watt, Craig and Meg Kenworthy (Allure Landscaping) Christine and Peter Frawley, Craig Carlisle, Michael Mizzrahee, James Green, Hanna Fletcher and other contributors, at this stage names unknown, assisted. All will be recognised in due course for their generous donations of their time, labour and services.

Our favourite Simon Bouda from Channel 9 made sure the efforts were highlighted in a Channel 9 news broadcast last weekend and more people from the general public attended unannounced to make further donations of goods and services.

The labour was intense, the donations of goods and furniture and other materials were spectacular. The exact details of their efforts will be kept secret until later, but a few clues can be gained from the impressive list of donors and sponsors who attended and put their money, goods and materials on the table. The sponsors are as follows:

Bunnings Kirrawee, Flower Power Taren Point, Mitre 10 Matraville, Dulux, Alex Bowen Carpet Court, KLE Electrical, Sutherland Credit Union, Coles Engadine, DeCosti Seafoods Engadine, Marchoni Foods, Lend a Hand, Our Lady of Fatima Peakhurst, Sutherland Police, 5/11 Clothing and Accessories, Paul Nicholls photography, Jack Independent carpets Maroubra Allure Landscaping, Craig Carlisle Landscaping, and of course there are more to be included.

This has not just been a weekend effort; Bill and his team have taken many days off, worked from 7am to 6pm daily in between weekends to get the job done.

Filomena D’Alessandro organised sponsors, cooked meals and fed the army of workers on site. Paula McShane from Garrawara was also a magnificent help.

Readers of this newsletter are strongly encouraged to support the sponsors mentioned above for their contributions. Their generosity has been humbling.

One super sleuth committee member, Ron Lockhart, who normally finds out everything, couldn’t help himself and went to the premises to try and breach security - but his efforts were thwarted by the impenetrable surveillance systems and he failed to see what was happening. Shucks, so sad.

Further details will be published in the next newsletter but a wonderful effort for a great cause has been achieved by the generosity of many magnificent people.
“If you are worried about your reactions or feelings, please call us on 02 8833 8400 or toll free 1800 191 777 any time of the day or night. info@hvsgnsw.org.au